A Horror Podcast

Join us each week as we research, debate, and gain a deeper understanding of the darker side of life through a thoughtful and open conversation about horror movies, art, literature, mysticism, and all things spooky. There are monthly themes that will include a movie review, a spooky story, and a deep dive that all encompass the topic.

The Hosts


Holly has been a fan of horror since before she was born (literally, it’s a genetic trait!). Never squeamish or one to shy away from the darker side of life, she grew up consuming as much horror as she could, from a variety of different media. She has since combined her love of horror with her love of art and enjoys re-creating scenes and portraits from the horror world. Ever the hippie, she gravitates toward spiritual, occult, and psychological horror but won’t ever say no to a good gore fest. She will definitely fuck with a ouija board so indeed ask!


Growing up in the land of Area 51, Patrick is no stranger to the world of horror and the unexplained. From a young age, Patrick has had an uncanny obsession with cryptids, haunted places, and the macabre. He would spend much of his days searching tirelessly for proof of the things he would see in his movies, comics, and books. Through these supernatural adventures, Patrick has found a special place in his black heart for the horror community and what it stands for. “Give me your spooky, your scary, your huddled masses yearning to be frightened.”


Steph has always had an interest in ghoulish topics, consuming anything horror-related that she could get her hands on. She prefers spooky, supernatural and slashers over gore and creature features. Steph loves the idea that we all have a shadow side, and how horror movies illustrate the variations of dealing or not dealing with that internal darkness. Like Dr. Loomis said, “we’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.” She’s, also, into mysticism but will not mess with an ouija board, so go ask Holly. Steph has found a community in horror and loves connecting with fellow spooky fans.

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