Curious Shorts

We check out three horror shorts that demonstrate the idea of curiosity and its consequences.  Join as we review the horror shorts Curiosity, Morbid Curiosity and Blackwood.


Curiosity © Darstu Productions 2020

Curiosity is a 2ish minute horror short produced by Darstu Productions, based out of Croatia.  It was directed by Dario Radusin, produced & written by Aleksandar Kacurov, Dario Radusin, Miroslav Radovic.  The short stars Miroslav Radovic and Petar Krajacic Vlovic.


Morbid Curiosity

© Jacob DeSio

Morbid Curiosity is a 4-minute horror short produced & written by Jacob Desio and Cara Dalton.  Directed and edited by Jacob Desio, and stars Cara Dalton.  They made this movie with a  budget of $8.



© Omeleto Horror

Blackwood is 11.5 minutes long. Written and director by Andrew Montague, produced by Haley Polacik and starrs Danielle Butlin as, Nikke.  This short has a lot more production folk than the the other shorts as it was produced by Omeleto, a production company that helps produce and market short films.  Omeleto will send films to festivals and get smaller creators known.  They have 100s of short films on their YouTube channel.  Worth checking out!

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