Special FX Interview

We continue to explore Practical FX this month in an interview with Frances Mullozzi, a makeup artist who is trained in Makeup FX and beauty. Frances’s background includes: Makeup Instructor (for beauty, creative, and stylized makeup techniques and application), haunt artist, TV, film, stage, runway, FX props and more. She is also an IATSE Local 476 member. Frances continues her education to expand her resume and finds inspiration in movies, documentaries, books, magazines, fellow artists and conventions. Her favorite artists include Rick Baker, Tom Savini, and Ve Neil.

You can connect with Frances through her Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s some book recommendations:

Tom Savini – Grande Illusions

Stan Winston – The Winston Effect

Mike Spatola – The Monstrous Makeup- manual

Online sites:

Reynolds Advanced Materials

Frends beauty


Tilt makeup

PPI premiere products

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