When love gives you a bowl cut…

We continue exploring love and obsession with two indie movies: 2019’s The Honeymoon Phase and 2017’s Double Date

The Honeymoon Phase follows a fake married couple, Eve and Tom, as they participate in a science experiment studying married couples.  Each couple is locked in a house given provision via air canister and are monitored by a projected Handler.  Things begin to fall apart as Eve suspects Tom is not the real Tom and paranoia sets in.

Double Date follows an about-to-be 30 year old virgin, Jim, and his best mate, Alex, who is determined to help his bud finally get laid.  Jim has a crippling fear of women and Alex helps Jim arrange a double date with 2 sisters.  Unfortunately, the date happens on the one night Jim should be afraid of women as the sisters have been murdering their previous dates in order to perform a ritual to bring back daddy.

As of February 2021, The Honeymoon Phase is streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Apple TV, while Double Date is streaming on Showtime apps and YouTube.


Taking the LEAP from Short Films to Features – Interview with Phillip Carroll and Chloe Carroll from The Honeymoon Phase

Lots of Double Date interview clips:

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