Comic books aren’t a waste of time, Mom!

We wrap up the month of March and our theme of mythological creatures with a special guest. Listener and friend of the show, Erik Publ, joins us as we discuss some of the myths and legends that have made an impact on us. Don’t worry, it’s not a history lesson. We discuss how these myths have influenced pop culture and the other places we find these bits of magic in our lives. 

Erik has trained and studied theatre for years, worked with children ages 6-12 for over fifteen years, substitute taught high school, and has volunteered as a youth group leader for teens. His experience helps to keep that magical imagination alive. 



Myths and Legends From Around The World  by Sandy Shepherd
The Heroes Of Asgard  by A.&E. Keary
Trolls by Brian and Wendy Froud
The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss
Myths & Legends  foreworded by William G. Doty – Edited by Jake Jackson


Quest For Glory IV: Shadows Of Darkness  Developed by Sierra

God Of War  Developed by Santa Monica Studio

The Witcher  Developed by CD Projekt Red

Dragon Age  Developed by BioWare

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning  Developed by 38 Studios

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