It was a Zombie Jamboree…

As we say goodbye to the month of April, we are joined by guest Alex Sullivan. 

Alex is a poet, facilitator, activist, and educator who recently moved to Chicago, IL. They are currently the Director of Programming for Harmony, Hope & Healing, and a freelance academic curriculum consultant. Alex’s academic and creative work is often reflective of how the self is presented in the digital world and how current socio-political events can distort that presentation.

Their work is focused on the Black queer experience, frequently tying in themes of mental health and mental illness, the body and the digital world, examination of power structures in the United States, and the modern spiritual experience of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

Join us as we discuss zombies in pop culture vs what the religion of Vodoun actually entails. Alex breaks it all down for us and clears up misconceptions we have. Don’t forget to check out  our May Newsletter to see what we have in store for the month of May. And as always, please leave us a review and send any questions or comments to 


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