Club Dread

Join us for a fun review of 2004’s Broken Lizard’s Club Dread!   We get deep about what we, as individuals, find funny in this horror comedy homage to slashers.   In the spirit of Coconut Pete, we included a drinking game to go along with this episode! Drink everytime:
  • We say “Coconut Pete”
  • We bring up another movie/TV show, everytime we mention a different movie/TV show
  • Steph slips up a word or phrase, or mispronounces/struggles with a name
  • Holly shares her displeasure with the movie/humor
  • Patrick praises/defends/gushes over Coconut Pete
  Make sure to also show some love to Coconut Pete by checking him out on Spotify!   For the months of June, July and August, we’re doing a spooky fun travel  theme.  We as individuals have plans to explore the USA, and we *PLAN* to share anything spooky with y’all!   We’re also hoping to hear from you, our listeners, about YOUR spooky travel adventures.  We are going to do an episode of stories of spooky stuff that has happened to our friends while traveling.  Feel free to send us written stories or record yourself!  You can send us an email, or DM us via our Instagram or FaceBook group page .  

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