Holiday Slasher – To All a Goodnight

Remember when we did monthly topics?  Well, we’re taking a break from those.  Life has been busy, and we all have jobs now. 


In this episode, we are reviewing 1980’s holiday slasher To All a Goodnight.  

A group of gals and their boyfriends are stalked by a killer Santa at a girl’s finishing school over the Christmas vacation(but before Christmas).

Directed by David Hess

Written by Alex Rebar

Stars a bunch of no name actors from the 80s
Sam Shamshak is a fun name to say

Jennifer Runyon is the most recognizable – Ghostbusters, Charles in Charge, A Very Brady Christmas


Notable Production details


$70,000 (estimated)

Filmed in 10 days in Santa Barbara, CA.  The crew slept in the house.


Where to watch it: You can watch it on EPIX, AMC plus, and Paramount Plus.  So many streaming services!




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